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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Gay Threat Level Lowered - High (Orange)

Hey, according to Orbit Mr. Rogers bought ad space on his site.

Good - maybe I will finally be encouraged to see what nobody (that I know) is talking about! LOL, I have stopped there once now and found it unentertaining, messy and - actually boring.

Now lowering the threat level was a difficult decision considering it was noted that Mike Rogers has attacked Log Cabin Republicans for supporting Social Security reform. Here is what he said:

Mike Rogers is criticizing Log Cabin Republican director Patrick Guerriero for “getting into bed with” USA Next - the folks behind the anti-gay AARP ad.

Shame on Gurriero for hopping into bed with USA Next. By doing so, The President of Log Cabin has sold out EVERY gay man and lesbian in America.
Ahmmmm… no. This is blatant deception on Rogers’ part - which is easy for him to do, as most of his readers are easily led and know little about critical thinking and doing their own research.

Rogers is implying that Log Cabin and USA Next are partners in something, when that is completely untrue. Log Cabin, rightly, has signed on to the president’s Social Security restructuring plan. Why? Because it is good for gay people - or at the very least, it’s much better than the current system.

Shame on Mike Rogers for NOT supporting a plan that would allow gay Americans to pass on their retirement plans to whomever they choose. Shame on Mike Rogers for (I assume) supporting the current system that discriminates against gay and lesbian Americans. By getting into bed with those that support the status quo, Mike Rogers has sold out EVERY gay man and lesbian in America.

I couldn't agree more and said so before here!

In addition he pulled a trackback Orbit put on his site. That isn't how a blog is supposed to work is it?

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