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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Adding Disgust to Disgusting!

I have had a real difficult time balancing my feelings on the Terri Schivo situation, mainly because I am throughly disgusted!

I am disgusted that this issue has become a national issue! That is just sad and I am amazed that the family has not only let this issue become a media frenzy but have pushed it into this horrific limelight!

I am disgusted that the members of Terri's family don't love and respect each other enough to honor the wishes of the other family members in dealing with this issue. Frankly I think if I were Terri this selfish inability of my family to respect each other's views would disgust me more then weather I had made a passing request about my care. (If Terri felt strongly enough about not being kept alive she should have made her wishes known in writing!)

But I am probably most disgusted that as a society we allow any person already being given water and food to be starved to death! That is just abhorrent and it is unfathomable that we would withhold food and even worse that we would withhold water!

I just am not going to go into my opinions of the rights and responsibilities of the family members, this should have been a family's issue. But wouldn't it just kill you (pun intended) to know that your family didn't love you or respect each other enough to work this out?

But I have to say that as a society if we are as enlightened as would see ourselves why would we starve and dehydrate someone to death? Why don't we treat them as humanely as we treat animals and death row convicts who are medically, "put to sleep," but of course that would be murder - which is exactly what it sounds like when you kill a person who is not considered brain or physically dead.

WizBang says:
Unborn Child? Kill It.

Sick Woman? Kill it.

Convicted Murder on death row? Do every thing you can do to save it!

I'll tell you why... to the Democrats, Terry Schiavo is being sacrificed on the alter of abortion.

It's disgusting.

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