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Monday, May 23, 2005

Disgusting....Disturbing.....Totally Expected

Have you seen NewsWeek's Japan/International edition from February 2, 2005? If you haven't seen it yet go look, DANEgerus has the cover and asks if we can call them anti-American yet? The picture is of a US flag in a trash can. The headlines read:

The red text at the left just above the “Newsweek” logo says:

“America forsaken.”

The big white and yellow text says:

“The Day America Died — The ideal of ‘freedom’ falls to the ground due to Bush continuing in office.”

Someone needs to walk up to the idiot who was being a dick at the White House press briefing asking questions like, "with all due respect, but who made you the editor of Newsweek", and hit him square upside his head with a two by four! Of course the White House knew what type of slime they were dealing with.

I don't subscribe to Newsweek but if I did I would cancel!

They have proven that they are anti-American and shouldn't get any money from ANY Americans!

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