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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Face Lift - Restart?

Well, the good news is I am alive and thinking - the bad news is that I have the hardest time thinking. The brain fog can be completely overwhelming sometimes.

Oh and spelling - forget it. I lost the ability to spell and I can't remember even simple words. Instead of "hardest time" above I was going to write "damnedest" but I couldn't spell it (is that even right?) I tried, damnedst, darnedst, damn-est, but the Firefox spell check highlighted them every time.

That sucks. Yesterday I tried to write aspirin on the shopping list and I got half way through and realized I had to look at the bottle to get it right.

It is noticeably worse lately. You know when you can't spell people think your an idiot.

Months (years?) ago I submitted a post I had written to Instapundit and he sent me a one line note back telling me it was, "whether not weather." I realized that I had completely brain fogged out and forgotten that there were two. Now, I am an educated guy but that point was stunning. It did cause me to try and improve and pause in blogging. But that didn't work.

Hopefully if I can get back into it I can keep the mind flexible and working. That is my hope anyway.

So here I am!

Nearly F'ed up everything when I tried to change the template (and it took hours to update), but here it is. Hope you like it!

Oh yea, I updated the links I read daily. There are a couple more I will probably add in a day or two. If you think I missed any let me know.

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