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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why Isn't Everyone Saying It!

What should be the first thing you hear about the Virginia Tech story?

Here is my response to an excellent post by Granddaddy Long Legs:
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The only thing I would add - every single broadcast should start by stating that this man was a reprehensible monster who committed a horrendous and completely unacceptable act against his fellow man.

Every child should hear that daily - this was not just unacceptable but was a repugnant abomination (thank you thesaurus - unacceptable is way to soft a term).

The only broadcast I have heard that comes close was on Glen Beck last night when a psychologist said that neighbors and community used to police kids telling them when they did unacceptable things but we don't do that anymore - another liberal, "don't judge me as right or wrong," attitude.

I understand that we all know this, frankly it is assumed, it is an accepted fact, it is a terrible act, but I am not hearing it stated in no uncertain terms and I think I should that over and over and over!

As Granddaddy says, "(T)he press continually refer to this event as a tragedy -- as though it were an accidental act of God -- rather than an intentional massacre."

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