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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Coordinated Attack?

Okay, first off please note the question mark at the end of that title and take this as thinking aloud!

Now, here is an interesting theory-

The buzz is that Hillary Clinton has been showing her moderate face (which by the way I don't believe for a minute! I'll believe that she wants abortion rare when she backs any of the common sense restrictions like the partial birth ban or parental notification - these are two common sense, proposals with overwhelming support across mainstream America)

At the same time the same old worn out rhetoric from the Democratic Party has done nothing close to moderating and in fact has increased in volume. It's like they have been asleep for the past three years!

What if this is a coordinated attack - frankly, after 4 years of hearing the shrill false attacks brought on by Barbara Boxer, Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Blows-me, oops I mean Pelosi, and even the normally reasonable sounding Harry Reid I think Hillary will look like Pat Buchanan to the vast majority of Americans!

Even I would consider her a Godsend to the political process after the barrage they appear to be ready to unleash!

I know, it could mean self destruction for the party nationally, but they are already on the brink! Iit is more likely she is moving and they really believe they just didn't get their message out LOUDLY enough last year, but if true it would be one of the most brilliant political moves I had ever heard of!

More: The Powerline guys wonder if this is some type of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) plan by the Dem's.

It's hard to say what the Democrats' strategy is. They appear bent on self-destruction, but they evidently hope to take the Republicans down with them. The positions they take are so indefensible, so charged with racism, and above all, so downright silly, that they can only reflect an astonishingly low assessment of the American electorate. Time will tell whether their strategy of mutual assured destruction will work, but for now, count me as a skeptic.

DEACON adds: I'm a skeptic too. In one sense, our politics is a zero sum game, so it's hard for one party to take the opposition down with it. Maybe at some level, the Democrats realize how far outside the mainstream they have drifted, and think that their only hope is to demonize the Bush administration even when it means attacking attractive members like Rice. But, at best, this strategy might prevent the Republicans from routing the Democrats -- it's certainly not a path back to power. My view is that most Democrats just aren't capable of clear, rational thought at the moment.

Interesting..........maybe I'm on to something?

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