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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Random Trek - Low Energy Version

  • Isn't it interesting that in the 60 we were called racist if we weren't color blind in all of our dealings but today we are considered racist if we are color blind and don't recognize the differences that are now known as, "multicultural."
  • For 40 years it has been pounded into us that we needed to deny biology, "there is no difference between the sexes," we were told by the feminists! Now there is serious backlash against those elite in the media and academia who are realizing what the average Joe has known all along. (Now now, I'm not saying people should be treated differently, just that to deny differences in all of us, either nature or nurture, is unrealistic!)
  • We are not losing in Iraq or anywhere else in the war on terror! It isn't a failure in any shape or form! It is a challenge, but what worth achieving isn't challenging? As a matter of fact, those who would deny reality couldn't even bring about a political loss for the President - no matter how hard they tried - and boy did they try! Teddy Kennedy's foolish comparison to Vietnam is denying history!
  • Anyone who demands an exit strategy from Iraq should be ignored as completely ignorant of the world! There is a victory strategy (oh sure, someone in the Pentagon has a retreat plan in the event it is necessary) but not an exit strategy! Now if wanted to discus an exit strategy from Germany 60 years after the war that brought us there and 16 years after the security threat and the wall that symbolized that threat fell then I would consider trusting them to take national security seriously!
  • It is my belief that President Bush will once again prove the nay sayers wrong about, well, everything they are harping on now! I would be surprised if he didn't hold or even increase his party's majority in Congress! I think there will be a successful end to the Iraqi campaign and this will give us a greater flexibility in the War on Terror. Social Security, Taxes, tort reform could all become key victories that will provide benefits to all Americans for generations!
That is enough for now, as of late this bloggin, to quote the President's memorable debate line, "is hard!" At least to fit in - energy levels have been below extremely low! Not sure how to get it to pick up but I'll post when I can.

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