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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Left's Moral Mistake

Their motives are transparently for political gain but they are so far off the mark I can't even come up with an appropriate metaphor .......

Following the release of the President's proposed budget early this week Harry Reid came trotting out with his reply. It struck probably the most sour political note I had heard since the election, but it has gotten relatively little coverage in the press or online.

Reid's reply went something like this - If you believe this is a moral issue, as we do, you can only conclude that this budget is immoral! Obviously this is a paraphrase - I can't find the quote online in a quick search, but this is real close.

I see how this is going to go - the Democrats think that by repeating over and over that they have morals America will somehow forget that they produced the man who managed to convince an entire generation of teenagers that oral sex isn't actually sex - despite it actually being called oral SEX (Lewinsky is just the nickname thanks Bill)!

What they don't understand is that just talking about morals isn't enough. America sees the choices the left makes, and that is what morals really are - the choices we all make between right and wrong - and they see the left making the wrong choices. Attacking everything American isn't the moral choice, despite your protestations that freedom of speech is the first freedom and is the true patriotic action (a reference to the ACLU website's incorrectly forgetting religion before they were forced to correct).

America got sick of the left's inability to actually judge something wrong (except America itself and Republicans) or their amazing ability to argue a moral equivalence between terrorists and everyday American's!

The right believes that the American way is the moral way - and the left just doesn't get that! In November America told the left what they thought of them, at the time I wrote this:
...even deeper then that is the pure and simple moral fact that you don't attack a sitting war time president as a liar and thief!

The moral bankruptcy was highlighted by CBS and it's Rathergate fiasco. The comments I made about Moveon and Moore-on and Senator Kerry's attacks on our troops in battle were reflected in the "morals" vote!

When your a Senator you don't obstruct - you take action not fostering inaction! When your a judge you don't legislate from the bench!

Don't get me wrong, the religious right was a key to victory. Anti gay marriage was important but when it comes down to it the morals issue was more a result of the belief - which we saw in Australia just last month - that it is IMMORAL TO ATTACK YOUR OWN COUNTRY! The American belief that the pledge of allegiance is a good thing and there is right and wrong, black and white! America is what is good in the world and since his days as an activist Kerry has been wrong on these key issues!

Was morals another word for American values and patriotism - I think so!

In the short time since the election the left has managed to cocoon themselves to the point of believing that they lost because America just didn't understand that they have morals - just not the old fashioned don't lie, don't murder, don't screw around on your spouse, but that even issues like wishing for our defeat in the war on terror and their right to determine the appropriate use of federal spending are moral issues. But using my taxes to fund a cross dipped in urine is really immoral - but that isn't quite how the left sees it! What they mean is that letting you keep your own money goes against their morals.

With the pending election of Howard Dean as the leader of the DNC this weekend they will have completed the cocoon, one can only hope that what emerges from this cocoon is viable, but I wouldn't' t bet on it at this point. Theirs is the party that will do anything in an attempt to regain power with no regard for their past statements or actual personal beliefs - which is why they appear to flip faster then a pre-Nader Corvair and in so doing they are sinking faster then Teddy's Olds!

PS - As if to prove my point we get the Democratic Mayor of Baltimore claiming that the President's budget is an attack on cities just like 911 was an attack on cities.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a post on the great Mayor (Martin O'Mally) and his history of amazing attacks on Republicans using 9/11. Great round up of blog reactions too! BTW, she has been hitting the Eason Jordan/CNN Davos story hard and making great progress!


Anonymous said...

Dem Senator Zell, who was the Keynote speaker at Bill's first DNC in 92, hit the nail on the head a few years back. The DNC has been taken over by extreme left progressives. The fact that their responders to SOTU were two extreme members of Congress as oppossed to some moderates indicates who their leaders are. Pelosi is still living in 1929; I hope she makes it to 1955 before she dies.
Rod Stanton

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