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Thursday, February 17, 2005

TongueTied, What Happened?

Not sure why they choose to jump, but the did - I have removed their link from the blogroll.

As a regular reader of TongueTied and a sometimes blogger I understand the pressure of regular blogging and know you had searched for someone to assist you in your efforts. (I found you via Fox News and loved your site.)

However I had no idea your intention was to leave behind your format and stated mission, "Carping about the excesses of clueless crybabies since the turn of the century," and become one of the cry-babies!

Weather you know it or not that is what the blog has become.

It no longer points out the amazingly idiotic statements and overly PC issues the "crybabies" harped about, but became the one harping on about these same issues.

Take Libby's recent post on the elections - despite the media's admission to their errors in their exit polls her link points to a site that harps on about exit polls being accurate. While she suggests that there was Republican voter fraud she fails to mention the voter fraud by Democrats "suggested" - and in one case actually being prosecuted - by the evidence in Wisconsin, Washington, and elsewhere.

This is just the most recent example.

I am open to different ideas, but not the moonbat ideas that your site used to point out on a daily basis.

I will be removing you from my blogroll and recommending my readers do the same. In addition I would ask that you update your mission statement - something more along the lines of, "Kos wannabe?"

Thank you,

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