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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Regaining The Offense

Republicans have to get back on offense and force a REAL fillibuster - you know, the Mr. Smith performance just like the Dem's are running in their ads! Should the Democrats actually be able to pull that off then use the constitutional option, but one way or another force this issue!

That is the only path to victory against an opponent who has no ideas of their own, which is the current state of the Democratic Party.

It is a strategy that the Dem's have played well since the policy of personal destruction was founded by the Clinton team. They are going to stonewall and delay everything in hopes that momentum will be lost. In the process they can frame the arguments and they can play up every fabricated scandal about every Republican you can imagine.

I fear the shift is beginning! Republican majorities were enhanced in great part to end the obstructionist tactics of the past 4 years, but the Dem's could actually win despite losing!

Dem's can smell the weakness of the Republican Senate Leadership! When a party fails to act because they fear the loss of it's majority then that majority is already lost!

Frist dropped the ball by not pushing the judicial nominations and enforcing the constitutional option! Yes, ANWR was important, but the leadership should have made the obstructionist issue front and center from the start of the Senate's term. The President has been pushing since his reelection for his agenda, now he needs the Senate leadership to prioritize and take action!

Some may put some of the blame on Delay and the House, but as near as I can tell Delay is still sticking to his agenda and doing his best to ignore the mud that is being flung at him! And as near as I can tell this issue would have never gotten the level of attention it has if the Senate had done what we elected them to do - confront the obstructionist by confirming the President's judicial nominations!

It is now imperative that the Republicans regain the offensive!

The judicial nomination issue has to be forced NOW!

Arguments need to be on point, the failed UN is the issue, not the successful Mr. Bolton!

Tax reform, Social Security reform, and the rest of the President's agenda will be lost if these strategic changes aren't implemented NOW! And that means action must be taken - being on offense means action - defense is inaction and delay!

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