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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Good Thing About Pain

The good thing about pain is when it goes away, even for a couple of days. Other then that and pain letting you know your alive I can't think of many good things about it (aside from the obvious pain warnings of a hot stove but that isn't the kind of pain I am discussing here).

Spent yesterday puking and napping - not the flu but a reaction to something. Not sure what but I have been extra dizzy lately.

And when I say puking I mean violently throwing up! Luckily it started early enough that I had only had water and a bit of coffee. Kept it from being too bad. 3rd time this year - treatment and management had kept that symptom limited to just once or twice a year.

Strangely enough I learned how Yogi's can control their breathing, after all they can breath through any orifice, even a straw sticking out of their punjana, right Eddy? While I was trying to control the pain and nausea I actively regulate my breathing. As I would begin to doze off I would actually stop breathing and I would wake and have to start myself breathing again. This went on for about an hour or so. Sounds strange but because I was actively controlling this autonomic function it wasn't ready to kick in automatically (as in autonomic) either because of the illness and pain or because of exhaustion - one way or another it wasn't ready to kick in as I fell asleep. It feels really strange and scary to have to remind yourself to breath!

But enough about that....pain and chronic illness do challenge one's positive attitude. Was it Ben Franklin who said that one can only appreciate health, wealth, and sleep when they have been interrupted?

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