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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Common Sense Archive

Common Sense.
  1. If you want to ensure the legality of an election you must know who is voting (require an ID to vote)
  2. A nation must control it's boarder, that is what makes it a nation and why it is called a boarder
  3. Punishment for a crime should be hard, that is why it is called punishment!
  4. A minority party is deluding itself by claiming that the majority party is, "out of the mainstream."
  5. For some strange reason a pro-American bias is now considered rightwing, it's not it is just American.
  6. Continued comparison of people to Hitler reduces the impact of Hitler's crimes (oh and it makes us ignore those doing the comparisons - the same applies to the terms crooks and liars!)
  7. Every pie thrown at a conservative should be treated as if it contained some type of chemical or acid. It isn't just a harmless prank or an expression of free speech!
  8. If you drink coffee while driving chances are good you will spill! Spilling coffee on your couter (BTW, is that spelled couter or like hooter?) is going to hurt - coffee is hot, always has been always will be! If it weren't hot you would complain to the manager!