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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Fox News Watch Trek - on a Roll Today

(But I'm not - oops I forgot part of my posting)

Today's Fox News Watch held three quotes about religion that made this episode a stand out in media punditry.

All are paraphrased as I didn't write them down:

  1. Hey, the liberal media just doesn't understand that the ten commandments aren't a voluntary initiative - Cal describing the media failure to understand that the Pope is in fact Catholic.
  2. Jim made a comment that was the best of the show but Crap - I forgot this one but I will fill it in after I watch the repeat of the show or see the transcript.
  3. Even Hollywood atheists can have their prayers answered! Jim describing the success of the NBC production Revelations.
I know I should have written them down then I wouldn't have forgotten the best one! Sorry, I will fill it in later!

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