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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Entertainment Trek - The Yellow Shirt Love Fest

Wow - people really love the Capital One "Yellow Shirt" commercial that I mentioned here - Screaming Like a Little Girl.

I have gotten more hits from searches for that commercial lately! Unfortunately I still don't have an online version I can link to. I did what everybody else did and googled it but only found one pay site that might have it online.

While I am on the subject of commercials I saw a new Geico commercial that included Speed Racer. It was very clever and well done - one of the best Geico commercials yet! The bridge is out and she (don't know anyone's name in the cartoon because I always hated it) is letting him know that the bridge is out, but good news ..... yea, you know she saved a lot of money on her car insurance! Good commercial, unfortunately, as I said, I have always hated Speed Racer! So much so that I don't remember it even being around before I was a young adult but it had to be because with such poor quality it has to be old, right? I think it was among the first Japanese imports and I was always amazed that the mouths moved like a bad Kung Fu movie, not really matching the words (that and the HUGE eyes us "round eyes" have).

Now those Stay Free pad commercials have to stop - I don't want to ever know that women get uncomfortable when their pads turn wet and sticky! OOOooowww - I eat dinner with the TV on and while not squeamish normally - as a gay man that is just waaaayyyy tooooo much info!

Last one - ever wonder if one of Ice Cube's (real name O'Shea Jackson) old girlfriends gave him his nick name? Perhaps because his dangly bits were small - small as a mouse. On the USA Network commercial for his new movie he introduces himself, "Hey, M'icecube." Yep, mice cubes! (Lets see someone Google that one - "Ice Cube's small cubes!")

Update: More on the Yellow Shirt ads here!

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