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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More Yellow Shirt Bloggin

Okay, I know from the sitemeter that your interested in the Capital One Bright Yellow Shirt "NO" commercial that I briefly reviewed here (Screaming Like A Little Girl) when they first ran.

Here is the link to the AdLand - Capital One Bright Yellow Shirt ad (Search Yellow Shirt in the search box. Sorry, can't link directly) which is still the only copy I can find online. It will cost you 2 pounds UK (just under $4 US) to see their ads for a month but they have an extensive inventory so it should be worth it.

Now for a bit more background on the ads. The, "NO" Ads were the concept of McCann-Erickson Agency, New York. After creating the ads, it was given the boot by Capital One, which shifted the business to DDB Chicago. Which is probably when they improved form the tired old "NO" ads to the intern series which includes the "Air Horn" and the infamous "Bright Yellow Shirt" Ads.

The business was more then likely transferred because the series of ads, including the "what's in Your Wallets" ads had low ratings, but based on the searches for this commercial this new commercial has turned the corner on those ratings. (USA Today 3/13/2005)
Of those familiar with the ads, 30% "dislike" them, well above Ad Track's average of 13%. That 30% score is higher than the most-disliked ads of 2004: Miller ads with a political candidate challenging Anheuser-Busch's role as the "King of Beers" were disliked by 26% of consumers in Ad Track last year.

Only 12% of consumers like the Capital One ads "a lot," below the Ad Track survey average of 21%.


UPDATE: I saw this ad again this AM and laughed my ass off - this is soooo well done no wonder people love it!

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