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Monday, April 11, 2005

Entertainment Trek - Screaming Like a Girl!

Okay, I have given my opinion on the Lexus commercial and a few others early in my bloggin so I thought I would give my input on another.

David Spade stars in the new Capital One "NO" commercials. I wasn't a big fan of them and they got old really quick - however when they hired the intern they began to improve.

The horn incident made me laugh!

The "bright yellow shirt" where the intern runs down the aisle screaming like a little girl made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself! (I can't find them online yet.....so no link)

So, although I don't like the newest Lexus commercials at all, and despite the fact that I had tired of the Capital One NO commercials....

I LOVE the two recent mishap installations of the series.

Oh, by the way, watched half the Desperate Housewives episode - just don't have any shows that I have to make it a point to see each week except South Park - to see how they were going to handle the gay issue. So far so good, but it sure wasn't a major storyline yet - they made it more of a passing mention.

UPDATE: More on the Yellow Shirt ads here!

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