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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Random Name Trek - Veronica Lake

lick title for the rest of this IMDB bio
'Constance Keane' (her stepfather's surname), beauty pageant winner, came to Hollywood with her star-struck mother in 1938. Enrolled in the Bliss Hayden School of Acting, she began playing extra and bit parts, eventually in about 6 films. An abortive screen test at MGM led to a better one at Paramount, a contract, and a breakout role in I Wanted Wings (1941), as a torch-singing vamp. Producer Arthur Hornblow Jr. renamed her Veronica Lake for this film; she was 17. Her best films include two comedies, _Sullivan's Travels (1942)_ and I Married a Witch (1942), and her three film-noirs with Alan Ladd (1942-46). Her screen image was cool yet sultry, tough yet vulnerable. Her comedy talent was recognized by 'Rene Clair' and Preston Sturges but not by Paramount, which then cast her in cameos and routine supporting roles until 1948 when her contract was dropped. Mismanagement by director-husband André De Toth and intermittent heavy drinking ended her film career by 1952. She had steady TV and stage work until 1959 when a severe ankle break sidelined her; she resumed work as a Baltimore TV hostess in 1962, returned to the stage 1963 and appeared in plays (and two low-budget films) through 1970. She was 53 when she died of hepatitis in 1973. The great films and performances for which she is and will be remembered date from 1941-1946 when she was 21-26 years old.

My Mom, who passed away in an auto accident at age 54 (in 92), just one year older then Veronica, would always call our dog Veronica Lake when her hair fell in front of her eyes..............this is why.

(BTW, our dog NEVER looked this good!)

UPDATE: This is Martha Stewart not Veronica - as is pointed out in the comments - thanks for the correction.

Arnie points out:

That's not Veronica Lake. That's a picture from Kevyn Aucoin's makeup book of Martha Stewart done up to look like Veronica Lake.

Here is a shot of Veronica Lake:

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