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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Left Beyond The Touch Of Reason

Once again, we seem to be treading into dangerous territory. Just as back in the 60's, the MSM, Walter Cronkite, the New York Times, various pundits, gave intellectual cover to the worst excesses of rhetoric and ultimately to violence, the rhetoric is ratcheting upwards into dangerous territory. Central figures in the MSM, and in the Democratic party, are making charges that legitimize violence. If Bush lied (a meme that seems to never be far from the surface of the NY Times), if the Republicans "stole" a second consecutive election, if our soldiers, just as charged n Vietnam, are committing atrocities sanctioned by their superiors, logic dictates that some on the extreme left will take this as fact (and, some go much further into more complicated paranoid delusions) and take the step into violence. Thus far we have been treated to various conservatives being pelted with food when they have appeared on campuses. It will almost certainly escalate from here.

So says ShrinkWrapped in an excellent, well written analysis by an psycoanalyst! Read the whole thing -- Dangerous Portents.

In the past I have said that I feared this mindset. How will it end, no one knows butl:

When your enemies are evil, dangerous fascists who are dedicated to destroying your country, your civil rights, and enslaving and/or killing various innocents, it becomes incumbent on right minded people to act to prevent further horrors. This is the logic of the left, aided and abetted by large parts of the MSM, Academia, and the Democratic Party. While they will accuse the Republicans and Bush of doing exactly what I just described, their logic fails when it can not encompass 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq elections, 3/11, the Cedar revolution, and so much more, but much of the left is beyond the touch of reason; will violence follow?


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