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Monday, May 16, 2005

Is It Wrong..........(Richards)

Is it wrong that I want Richard Gere to start an underwear line and call it:


Hey, maybe he could sell it at that Euro Boutique, you know the one:

Peter Sellers

I got a copy of one of their employees applications:

last - first
Fonda, Peter

By the way, they refer to their STAFF as their:

Dick Army

I could go on for hours, but then it would be wrong! After all I have to get to my scheduled:

Dick Piel (ouch, surgical or chemical procedure? Procedure conducted by Dr. Dick Carpenter!)

Seriously, I worked with a guy and that was his name - we called him Big Dick because he was about 6'5" as opposed to Little Dick (Bowers) who was about 5'3".


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