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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Did Newsweek Hand al Qaeda Their Tet?

By now you have already learned about the Newsweek apology and admission that they may have been wrong about their report that sparked riots in the Muslim World killing at least 16 and causing 300 Muslim clerics to call for a Jihad against the US.

The same day that Newsweek was publishing it's f-upped story about the desecration of the Koran I wrote this in Would We Recognize A Modern Tet?
But today we have a media that has been hostile toward the administration and has always been against the GWOT (Greater War On Terror), including the fronts in Iraq and as strange as it may sound some were even against Afghanistan. As such, like the boy who cried wolf their cries of Tet would have little effect.

Terrorist organizations by their very nature are about propaganda and influencing public reaction and behavior.

If I understand this why in the hell don't those bitches at Newsweek?

Remember this is the magazine with the editor, Evan Thomas who predicted that the press would be able to hand John Kerry 10 or 15 % points he’d never have gotten on his own. (Thanks Anchoress)

Does anyone think for a minute that Newsweek would have put out a story during WWII that the US was abusing posters of the Emperor of Japan during in an attempt to get Japanese prisoners to talk? No, wouldn't have happened because during WWII the press realized two things, 1) The US was the good guy and they were on America's side and more importantly 2) THE PRESS REALIZED THAT THEIR ACTIONS HAD CONSEQUENCES AND THAT THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO PRINT EVERY RUMOR THEY HEARD IF IT COULD HARM THE US OR IT'S INTERESTS!

They no longer feel that way - as I said beforee :
somewhere along the line they decided that being pro-American might "taint" their coverage of the news! You know, that high minded nuanced position! Problem is they have become anti-American. The MSM is no better then the UN. That is why Fox is kicking their butt! Fox makes no bones about being pro-American in their coverage and they admit it is their one bias! (see also Media Contradictions)

So, did Newsweek hand al Qaeda it's own modern Tet Offensive? Only time will tell, but Newsweek's weak apology isn't enough - they have already killed 16 and put the US and it's interests at risk for a long time to come. Anything we had done to improve relations with the Muslim world is now at risk thanks to one sloppy magazine.

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Just an extra thought (5/16/05) - Tet had it's main impact here at home, with my thought that we are getting desentized to their rantings turning their Tet to the Muslim world makes lots of sense.

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