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Monday, September 20, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 092004

I have said this in not so many words and have wondered over and over why it isn't an issue in this election, but Lori at PoliPundit says it perfectly in her analysis of the Daschle Thune debate:
So, Tom, “for some reason” Bush hasn’t been able to form a coaltion as large as the one his father put together in 1991? Gee, could that reason be because the leading elected officials of the Democrat party in America have spent the past 18 months calling the President a liar who misled the country into an unnecessary war? Couldn’t that be making it just a little bit difficult to convince other countries to join the United States in the effort in Iraq? Didn’t the question I just asked even cross the mind of MTP host, Tim Russert?

The big, old, mainstream media (whatever name you choose to call them) is dying and the fact that no mainstream journalist is asking Democrats on a daily basis why their vicious attacks on the President are not at least partly to blame for the fact that there are no countries standing in line to help us in Iraq, is just one more reason.

Of course the Media Contradictions may be the answer! Personally I believe that deep down the media feels it's own actions could be seen as anti-American - somewhere along the line they decided that being pro-American might "taint" their coverage of the news! You know, that high minded nuanced position! Problem is they have become anti-American. The MSM is no better then the UN. That is why Fox is kicking their butt! Fox makes no bones about being pro-American in their coverage and they admit it is their one bias!

Wow - CBS Admits it may have been dupted! Hahaha, Dan said he wanted to break the story - of course he is almost THREE WEEKS late! He did an interview over the weekend with Bill Burkett - I wonder if he will tell Dan which Kerry team member he gave the doc's to. Rumor is it was Max Cleland.

The Post has a great rundown of what Kofi Annan MUST Do if he really believes the US led coatlition was acting illeagally in enforcing the UN Security Council's resolutions in Iraq. He MUST bring the evidence before the Security Council - but he won't! He would rather attempt to influence our elections and bring us back to the great surrender days before 9/11. That is the key you know, the rest of the world would rather go back to 9/10, wouldn't we all! Only problem is the terrorists won't let us - oh sure, they will back off so they can get a nuke or two, but they will be back!

BTW, the Oil For Food scam needs to break and give Kofi his real legacy! When 54% of Americans say the UN doesn't reflect it's values there is a problem with the basic structure of the organization.

Along those same lines here is a wonderful indepth description of what the resolutions meant and why they had to be enforced - using the resolutions themselves!

OH GREAT - Foreign election observers arrive in U.S.

Zell Miller has written a letter to Georgia Dems - Based on their reaction following his convention speech he will only get more hatred from them! After the 2002 midterm loss the Dems ran hard left hand up in the air screaming, "I'm Blocking everything you say, hmmmmm." They really believe they are mainstream!

From Alphabet City comes this - seems the Russians can get things done!
Kavaz Tsentr, official website of Chechen terrorists, has been shut down by the Lithuanian government.
Maybe we can get Russia to take out al Jazerra and some of the islamic websites.
While your there get a load of this one ZARQAWI'S MAN IN CHECHNYA THREATENS US, RUSSIA

Oh, BTW, how is this for a more sensitive War - ON AMERICA AND HER ALLIES (from Captain's Quarters):

In a move that should shock both American and Australian voters, John Kerry's campaign has sent Kerry's sister Diana down under to tell Australians that their American alliance makes them less safe:

John Kerry's campaign has warned Australians that the Howard Government's support for the US in Iraq has made them a bigger target for international terrorists
Thank you Mr. Kerry and family! BTW, she harped on about attacks in Bali and Jakarta - but just like here she couldn't point to any attacks at home! Take the war to the enemy - protect the homeland!

Mr. Howard's response is the slap in the face we all would like to give TTMK (The Talented Mr. Kerry!):

Australian Prime Minister John Howard answered the Kerry campaign's meddling in their election by proclaiming a policy of pre-emption, promising overseas strikes on terrorist bases before threats turn into attacks on Australians at home or abroad:

Prime Minister John Howard unveiled a plan for "flying squads" of police to stop terrorist attacks in the region, stressing he would not hesitate to order a pre-emptive strike overseas if needed to protect Australia.
Compare Howard's comments, "We will not wait for a terrorist threat to eventuate before we take action." to TTMK's during the convention, "Let there be no mistake: I will never hesitate to use force when it is required. Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response."

With all the help the administration has been giving Halliburton you would think they would be doing gang busters wouldn't you? Roscoe's Blog has the truth on Halliburton and their ties to Cheney - seems there wasn't even a phone call between the two!

DANEgerous has How Europe became a 90-pound weakling
In Bosnia, where the French and Germans did collaborate in the sort of coalition Kerry favors, the United States had to deliver an embarrassing 85 percent of the missile strikes because of the primitive condition of the European air forces.

And Kerry thinks our doing 90% (his #'s) in Iraq was bad - Bosnia IS Europe!

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