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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 092304

Wow - lots of noise not much news late Wednesday - good day to catch up on some commentary!

I have seen the new Bush and Kerry ads - The Bush ad is clever, showing Kerry flip flopping using the famous images of him being a "man of the people" and wind surfing. It is catchy but I do have to admit the Kerry ad which is just text over an American flag is very effective and may be the most effective counter attack and advertisement of the campaign. It says everything is a mess yet the President runs childish ads.

The one item Kerry didn't figure into his ad is the new ad by the Swifties showing that Kerry met with our enemy during the Vietnam war. The key, he betrayed us once, how can you trust him.

It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, but with the effective Kerry counter ad if I were the Bush campaign I would consider a new ad based on the 11 or 12 minute Kerry on Iraq ad. This would effectively counter his counter attack ad.

BTW, Chris Matthews asked Joe Biden last night when we would be allowed to "vote on this damn war!" Well Chris, unfortunately not only didn't we get to vote but neither did the 3000 people who died in the first battle of this war - and if you can't see that they you aren't fit to be doing the local weather at the North Pole (Cold again today - sunrise about March, sunset October)

UPDATE- having slept on it I think I may have over reacted - Kerry's ad has that term Juvenile in it, calling the President Juvenile is never a good idea. I am torn on this round of ads, but overall advantage goes to Bush.

Today's Trek is advertisement free:
Speaking of ads and Vietnam - which I never though we would be discussing to this extent in my lifetime there is this great analysis of Rathergate and CBS effects upon Vietnam from the wonderful Ann Coulter.

Which got me thinking - was it really CBS trying to relive it's glory days? The goal since Watergate has been to bring down a President - any President (Bonus points if it is a Republican!)

Wonder what story CBS had to bump in order to rush Rathergate to air? Amazingly it was another over reported story about forged documents and a group that was biased to the point they were susceptible to believing them! Yep, the rehashed Niger Uranium Documents! (thanks PoliPundit)

Many Kerry supporters made hay earlier this year claiming the President was losing support in his party - well the reason Bush was weak in many minds was the fact that we weren't tough enough on terrorists! That support is firmly behind the President as Kerry would roll over for the Euro wennies! Emmett Tyrrell has a great analysis on what has worked for Russia and the US in the past - something we should seriously consider! Examples like these:
In Lebanon in the 1980s, two KGB officers were snatched by Islamic terrorists. The response from Moscow was immediate. Four of the terrorists' colleagues or like-minded scoundrels were snatched by the KGB, who deposited their corpses in public after surgeries were committed on their persons, which we shall not elaborate on in a family newspaper. Suffice to say that the surgeries were abhorrent even to the mind of an Islamic terrorist. The KGB then let it be known that every time a Russian was murdered, he would be accompanied to the hereafter by two terrorists, possibly more, all surgically modified. The Islamic terror ended.

Even Americans have dealt brutally with Islamic terror, and to good effect. In 1911 in the Philippines, our Gen. John J. Pershing arrested several of the most brutal Islamic terrorists of the day. They were found guilty of capital crimes and shot, but not before the bullets used by the firing squad were dipped in pig fat, thus denying them according to the rule of Islam a soft landing in Heaven. Pershing, however, did allow one of the terrorists to escape so that he might report his chums' fate to their superiors. Islamic terrorism ended.

If we weren't being bombarded by the Anti-American, anti-success drone from TTMK (The Talented Mr. Kerry) we might have the public strength of will to actually fight WW IV to win! I'm not saying overuse these methods, but our enemy must know we are serious and with the drone of the Left our enemies only feel emboldened. With a Bush victory we can send a message to both the evil DU'ers and the terrorists!

HELP, THE WORLD IS ENDING -- not really but that is the essence of the Kerry Campaign! Tuesday the Emails about the draft, Yesterday Kerry himself not only says Bush will reinstate the draft - something denied repeatedly by Rumsfield - the only one's considering such a proposal are a few wacko Democratic Congressmen (not a single Republican BTW) but Kerry also warned that Bush will starve your Grandparents!! Yep, he is going to cut their Social Security by a whopping 45% Problem is the author of the study they cited has this to say according to NRO's Corner
Goolsbee tells me he's surprised the campaign is citing him to predict a 45 percent cut for 45 million people. "That's weird," he says. "I don't know how they got that." His paper, he says, didn't deal with benefit levels.

Makes you wonder why the news from troops in Iraq are much rosier (Hugh Hewitt has another great letter!) then the news the MSM is feeding us - they are on the same page as Kerry and they will stop at nothing in an attempt to win back some power!

I keep hearing from the left that Iraq has become a magnet for terrorists - As I have said before, thank goodness that strategy is working! Better to have Iraq as a strong magnet since our malls, cities, and streets had such a powerful attraction to terrorists!

The Kerry Doctrine is a must read - because this man could be the next President, assuming our nation decides it is better to capitulate!

Hurricane Jean was headed north and away from us - now she may have changed her mind - should have been named hurricane John (Kerry that is!)

Is Islam actually a cult*? Is this why we can't get moderate Muslims to denounce terrorism? Why aren't we hearing their voices every day? If they are out there the MSM might be downplaying them, if so let me know! I am determined to find them, but it seems
The Islamization of Europe is advancing with alarming rapidity.
* 1)A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

Wait, here is a Muslim response to terror - SUPPORTING IT! The Islamic Human Rights Commission sanctions Islamic terror as a rational response to "Islamophobia".

Yesterday we noted that more then 25% of DC Teachers used private schools, well it gets worse (Danegerus):
If Public Schools Aren't Good
Enough For The Teacher's Kids... >
Attacks on the Public schools and 'Home schooling' is about money... that's it... that's all...
39% of the teachers in Chicago send their kids to private school? 41% in Cincinnati? 44% in Philly? Come on, what does that tell you about the quality of education that the students are getting in these schools when the teachers who work there would rather pay big bucks to a private school than have their kids get a free public education? -- RightWingNews.com
Because the teacher's unions have politicized the issue... and it hits minorities, mired in low quality inner city schools the hardest.

'Keepin the Black man down' courtesy of your (D)emocratic party.

Remember this every day:
This man (Kerry) is anti-American and so is his party! Here is the key - they don't think they are anti-American because their idea of America is their utopian dream - not the reality of where America is (and the American people are)! In other words - they are in favor of what they want America to be - but they are definitely against everything America is currently. That is how they can justify betraying America for the "Greater Good"!


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