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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tuesday Trek Redux 092194

Wow - busy day today! As such an update is needed:

UPDATE Wizbang- Al Jazeera is reporting that another American, Jack Hensley, has been beheaded. Murdered by Islamic Terrorists - again I am waiting to hear the outrage from those "moderate" muslims! Where are you? For God's sake where are you - you can stop this - you and if you don't we will! (They Must March Against, not For)

Remember when I warned that as France and Europe languished they would become a danger to themselves and others - well here comes Jacque Chirac insisting that we are selfish!

Bortz Listen to this gem:
"The price of selfishness is rebellion. We should ensure that the world's unprecedented wealth becomes a vehicle for the integration, rather than exclusion, of the most underprivileged." In other words, we should ensure that wealth is confiscated from people who earned it (The United States) and given to countries that did not earn it. Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah ... the Democratic party platform...never mind.

With their plans for worldwide hand outs, leftist socialist countries like France want to impose a global tax to redistribute the wealth of the world more evenly. And guess who gets to decide that? That's right...the United Nations. If they had their way, before long you would be paying into the United Nations, to help those less fortunate around the world. Only then could poverty be "eradicated."

So with all of that Chirac stormed out of town and won't be here for President Bush's speech to the U.N. today. Good riddance.
From Jane at Armies (this is great):

Chirac: “The price of selfishness is rebellion,” he warned. “We should ensure that the world’s unprecedented wealth becomes a vehicle for the integration, rather than exclusion, of the most underprivileged.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ann Venemen: “A global tax is inherently undemocratic,” she said.

The document adopted after Monday’s meetings, but not signed by the Americans did not make specific anti-proverty proposals but said the time had come “to give further attention to innovative mechanisms of financing รข€” public of private, compulsory and voluntary, of univeral or limited membership” to raise funds to fight poverty:FOXNews

Advice to France: try working a forty hour week and taking less than six weeks vacation.

Update: Bad Hair Blog: Jacques Chirac, arguably one of the most corrupt politicians of all time, yesterday gave a speech at the UN (that paragon of transparency) proposing to harness globalisation with a new “ethic for globalization". The new ethic takes the form of a proposed $50 billion global tax on financial transactions, greenhouse gas emissions, arms sales, airline tickets and credit card purchases. (Read the rest.)

(Note to Fausta: New Jersey, a bluest of the blue states, in a tie. McGreevy effect? naw. Really good employment figures? probably not. Seeing our neighbors vaporized and 736 funerals? I think so.)

Now, I agree in helping others, but why is it that hand outs are Europes only answer - what about holding governments accountable? Why can't we find out where Saddam's billions went or Arafat's billions? What about those poor people? Sure, poor more money in without any accountability!

And regarding accountability Instapundit has this:

Twelve French soldiers on peacekeeping duties in Ivory Coast have been arrested in connection with a bank theft there last week.
The troops had been assigned to protect a branch of the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) and were charged with stealing $120,000 (100,000 euros).

French military spokesman Colonel Henry Aussavy said the accused soldiers were being sent home to face French justice.

More than 4,000 French troops are serving alongside UN peacekeepers.

By The Way, did you hear about this one, also from Instapundit:


Syria's ambassador to Washington said yesterday his country's forces in Lebanon will begin a major redeployment toward their own border this morning.

The diplomat also said Syrian and U.S. troops will partake in joint security operations along the Syrian-Iraqi border, although State Department officials contradicted that claim.

"This is official," said Imad Mustapha, Syria's ambassador to Washington, speaking by telephone from the Syrian capital. "Tuesday morning there will be a major redeployment of Syrian forces in Lebanon toward the border." . . .

A senior State Department official disputed the ambassador's statement last night.

"We are looking for Syria to take certain action to protect the border. That action has not been taken yet. We'll be working to improve Syria's performance," the official said. "At this point, that does not include joint actions with American troops."

Hmm. Stay tuned.

Here are two GREAT updates on Kerry's morphing back to his true form - the antiwar protestor - but he sure looks lots like Teddy Kennedy. Kerry's Views on Iraq, Vietnam 'Virtually Identical,' Critic Charges and Bill Kristol For Kerry, It's Always Vietnam They are both great. (told you so!)

This man is anti-American and so is his party! Here is the key - they don't think they are anti-American because their idea of America is their utopian dream - not the reality of where America is! In other words - they are in favor of what they want America to be - but they are definately against everything America is currently. This is where they have been since the 60's!

Missed the UN today, but I will update here after I do.

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