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Friday, September 24, 2004

More Poo on His Shoe

Crush Kerry made a great observation that should be the next Bush commercial!

In a speech today at Temple University (He could have chosen anywhere - but he chose Temple). After reciting the litany of grievances against the President (standard Kerry fare) John Kerry, in our opinion, stepped in a major pile of dog sh.., er, poop. with one statement that he made.

He claimed that: "The war on terror is as monumental a struggle as the Cold War." This could be even a bigger mistake than his constantly referencing Vietnam. Why? Because unlike Vietnam, his actions and statements during the Cold War are preserved for all to see. In Vietnam he could at least use the "fog of war" excuse to explain his questionable recollection of details.

We agree with him that this war is every bit as monumental as the Cold War, but anyone who knows how John Kerry tried to "fight" the Cold War should be very afraid of his Presidency and how he will go about how he will fight the war on terror (of which Iraq is a major part). Let's take a walk down memory lane shall we?

Check out the list - and there are more to come!

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