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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Daily Trek Tuesday 092104

I sit here looking at the news, reading Kerry's defeatist Iraq speech - as I said earlier it was Kerry morphing to Kennedy, and going back to his own roots from 1971. I think he really believed he was helping save lives back then. Forget about the millions slaughtered when Kennedy's group pulled all support for South East Asia!

Which brings me to Kofi - dear Kofi - He declares the war in Iraq illegal! Whooptie doooooo. But beside the fact that we don't give a spit for your Kofi, feeling - I realize that Mr. Annan, just like Mr. Kerry have cost lives in Iraq. This man has stood by and watched some of the most horrendous genocide known to man in the last 60 years decided he had to proclaim that it is noble to fight us and kill innocent civilians!

Don't think so? Just as Mr. Kerry gave the North Vietnam exactly what they needed to defeat America (ask Jane Fonda why she apologized - if she didn't finally figure out what a f - up she was) The left today is giving the terrorists what they need just so they can push their multilateral ONLY philsophy. Kofi is on this left - a man who wouldn't accept US security for his Iraqi mission, then when the attack we warned against happens he pulls out never to return. Had security been accepted imagine the situation we could have been in now.

When he declares the US as the illegal occupiers some of those on the fence decide it is okay to attack and join the terrorists. To Mr. Annan and his group this is just a few pawns lost in a great game of winning the defeat of the US - not total defeat, just enough that we won't mess with his and Mr. Kerry's UN Dreams! But what is a few pawns when millions have been slaughtered on your watch! The sad thing is that they believe this is noble, the left's ends justify the means argument - the same one that allowed Dan screw the pooch.

Iraq is decried by the left as a complete mess - given the battering the administration has taken from the left for the past year I wouldn't be surprised! Problem is those who are there aren't nearly as certain that this is a mess! But as the screeching increases as Kerry's numbers drop, just as they did 35 years ago Kerry and Kofi can defeat us again!

Again, if you read nothing else read this letter from a Marine in Baghdad!

Frontpagemag has this great explaination of what Kofi really did with his, "I am the law," incorrect declaration.

Another hostage in Iraq was beheaded by the very terrorists we are trying to stop! Armies of Liberation has a link - I won't link directly because I feel you need TWO warnings about the graphic content! The Terrorists want women prisoners released from Iraqi prisons but the only women being held are Dr. Germ and The Chemical woman - hmmmm, wonder why they want them back!

In case you missed - BECAUSE IT WAS THE 6TH STORY - CBS admitted they couldn't verify the authenticity of their famed documents! Dan said he was sorry to the public - not sorry to the President or the family of Killian mind you. But he did drop the fake but reflect the truth theory for now! What were these last 2 weeks? Why did they have the 86 year old secretary on last week? CBS has lots to answer for - and that "sorry" wasn't nearly enough!

Drudge is reporting that in the White House "top Bush advisers are recommending a CBS reporter be removed as moderator of a planned presidential debate. Who can trust these CBS people to play it straight [during the debate]? I suspect they will be out for revenge."

Besides Kerry aid Max Cleland it seems another Kerry Aid spoke to the Retired Guard member who passed the documents to CBS! The DNC had an ad campaign ready for the day after the story ran on CBS - no, there wasn't any coordination and the campaign had NOTHING to do with the forging of stories! Yea right!

Drudge lists the same story like this: CBS COORDINATED BUSH BASH WITH KERRY CAMPAIGN; Aide Talked to Retired Guard Officer...
Claims he is, "a patsy," and he just passed doc's from a Lucy Ramirez to media.

CBS to investigate connections between Producer Mapes and Kerry Campaign - Burkett claimed he would only release documents if he was put in contact with someone from the Kerry Campaign! (Scarborough Country - on air) Confirmed here at Kerry Spot.

Okay, new Queen Bore (Ter.....Mrs. Kerry) says if you don't support her your a scumbag! Nice, but very reflective of the Democratic mind! Take a walk through the wild world of the DU and you will see that scumbag is mild to the point of being endearing - kinda like that lady professor said cunt was a good word!

Bush lifts Libya sanctions! Lets see, we aren't any safer now then before 9/11 - isn't that what Kerry said yesterday? What about Libya giving up their WMD and terrorism ties!

KERRY UP JUST 5 IN NEW YORK - TIED IN MARYLAND - Bush Ahead in Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, New Mexico - Implosion 101 - losing Liberal Central, New York - will California be next?

Al Qaida seen planning for 'spectacular' attack; Intelligence agencies think danger is high to Inauguration Day

Did you hear about this one? Costa Rica deports two men feared to have links to terrorist groups They were trying to get to Canada- documents forged - very cool - tried to bribe guards..........(HT-A of L)

Citizen arrest gives a rundown of blogs from Tailwind to Rathergate - good read and very telling of how not so subtle means are used to try to influence public opinion! This started during Vietnam and continues today! See this posting on Vietnam lies - Kerry a dupe for the enemy, every enemy!

And just because I love this post: Strong Hooker Gifts!

UPDATE 3:20A: Just in time for today's post comes this from the Washington Post about dear Kofi:
U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will tell the 191-member U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday that the rule of law in the post-Sept. 11 world has been eroded both by the United States and by other nations as they battle terrorism, and by Islamic extremists and their horrific acts of violence, according to senior U.N. officials.

Later he says why can't we all just follow the basic rules of human conduct! BECAUSE THEY ARE TERRORISTS who would just as soon cut off your head as look at you!

Then you get this great deal:
Participants in the event adopted a declaration vowing "to act against hunger and poverty."

The declaration, signed by more than 100 countries, endorsed Brazil's call for a tax on international financial transactions and on heavy weapons sales, to raise billions of dollars for the poor. It also endorsed a British proposal to borrow money from international markets to increase international funding for the developing world.

OH GREAT - at least they found a replacement for their Oil For Food SCAM! Can't wait to see how they manage to pervert this one to take our money and blame us for it! (Of course we will be one of the greatest taxed under these proposals!)

I have avoided saying this, but if meaningful reform doesn't come soon we will have no alternative but to start over with all new alliances and scrap this pile of UNPOO!


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