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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Daily Trek Wednesday 092204

You can read my struggling attempt to expand on this statement - or just read it here the statement stands on it's own.
This man (Kerry) is anti-American and so is his party! Here is the key - they don't think they are anti-American because their idea of America is their utopian dream - not the reality of where America is (and the American people are)! In other words - they are in favor of what they want America to be - but they are definitely against everything America is currently.
Enough said, now take The Trek:

PrestoPundit has this great insight into the MSM and the most extensive blogroll I have seen - maybe I can get my name on that list:
LESS THAN HALF of all Americans view the NY Times as a reliable source of information. Only 1 out of 5 Americans view the Times as a source of unbiased journalism. Earth to Arthur Sulzberger Jr. -- you ARE the problem.

Ace of Spades notes that even the ultra liberal Slate realizes that the disappearing middle class the NYT's laments aren't disappearing. They are getting promoted to the middle class.

One more from Crush Kerry - seems the NYT considers the murderer who beheaded hostages in Iraq, believed to be Zarqawi, a "Jordinian Militant" and "masked insurgent". BTW, this is what that "insurgent" said right before he sawed off the man's head:
"Now, you have people who love death just like you love life. Killing for the sake of God is their best wish, getting to your soldiers and allies are their happiest moments, and cutting the heads of the criminal infidels is implementing the orders of our lord."'

A must read on the media. Seems Reuters got pissed because one of the papers that uses their stories decided to be honest! Yep, they called terrorists what they were! The Volokh Conspiracy.

How does Rathergate affect the debates? Wienerlog has a GREAT analysis (HT - PoliPundit) Not to be a spoiler, but this is how it ends:
And Kerry is left standing out on the limb that CBS has now sawed off.

No one is seriously discussing reinstating the draft - but that won't stop the left from using that fear to get out the vote! This Email and the investigation is on Betsy's Page.
What the e-mail doesn't mention is that the bill in the e-mail HR 163 was introduced by prominent Democrats like Charlie Rangel, Jim McDermott, John Conyers, and John Lewis. There aren't any Republicans involved in the bill. They are introducing the bill to make people think just what the e-mail is trying to make them think. They are also using the bill to drum up opposition to the war. They are in the minority. The bill will never, ever pass. It's just a publicity gimmick and now they're using the bill to go anti-Bush.
Remember those evil toys - one showed the twin towers being hit by a plane, another showed Bin Laden between the towers (aparantely shaking them) well now there is this:

Cell Phone Toy Shows Picture Of Osama Bin Laden

And Here are All There

Did you know that More than 25% of public school teachers in D.C., Baltimore send their children to private schools according to Drudge.

Why haven't I heard more (outrage) about the international tax proposal?

Think John Kerry wouldn't be bad for small business - BTW, small business are the key to our economy. Think again says TAS. Small business will suffer the most, which isn't surprising. Kerry has never cared for the little guy.

Have you checked the World's US election lately? Kerry 43% Nader 40% Bush 4.76% at least that is what the world would have for us! Thank God they can't vote here!

Nothing To Do With the Truth
- John Kerry continues to insist that Saddam Hussein had "nothing to do with al Qaeda." And he continues to be wrong.

Nice to know Kerry hasn't lost it - He can still get the loons to hate our bravest!
A soldier back from the war in Iraq said he was beaten at an area concert because Iraqi Freedom was printed on his T-shirt.

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