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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Daily Trek Sunday 091904

First off, Happy Birthday to my Sister Denise!

Light posting to start the day - I will update later but still not running on all cylinders! (5 of 8)

This could happen one day: Iran Mullah President Considered for UN Sec-Gen Post
As it is this is just an internal Iranian debate so far! Kofi Annan is a failed UN Secretary General and as there is zero support for the US and for that matter for the only democracy in the middle ease (Israel) then the hope for effective reform of the UN is not even a pipe dream! (Hat tip Roger Simon)
Chairman of Iran's House of Political Parties Hassan Ghafourifard said he would discuss the issue with Khatami soon, and that a special committee would be formed to follow up due proceedings. He said he had been informed that the next UN secretary general would be elected from Asia at the recent International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) in Beijing.

Victor Davis Hanson has a great piece on Iraq, See ya Iraq, leaving now would be a disaster!
Islamic fascists are now fighting openly and losing battles, and are increasingly desperate as they realize the democratization process slowly grinds ahead leaving them and what they have to offer by the wayside. Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and others must send aid to the terrorists and stealthy warriors into Iraq, for the battle is not just for Baghdad but for their futures as well. The world's attention is turning to Syria's occupation of Lebanon and Iran's nukes, a new scrutiny predicated on American initiatives and persistence, and easily evaporated by a withdrawal from Iraq.

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