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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Trek Redux - Or I'm up now! 091904

Okay, sorry again for a slow morning. Still running slow - me, not the blogger this time.

Very busy morning in the blogsphere and newslands so here's the mid day trek:

Big boobs - I mean news - Brittney Spears got married again! This time it is certain to last for 3 days or more! From Wizbang (picture too!)

Now for the real news - the NYT (no link, sorry, boycotting NYT and LAT) has a story that there is a MAJOR offensive being planned for the end of the year (November of December). This sounds great and with any luck we will not hold back! I have heard pundits discuss how announcing this is bad - but I have to wonder, if my theory is right - that Iraq is a vaccuum for Islamist Terrorists and in so being it helps keep them from being sucked over here............... Then announcing a new offensive might just put out a call for help to beat the infadel (us in case you didn't know) and might slow or stop plans to disrupt our elections! Particularly if the offensive is successful! The Command Post runs this down.

Wow - I realize that because of my disability that thoughts are flowing kinda like jello today - pardon any run ons or half thoughts - they are making sence to me, in my mind but maybe not on screen! Like forcing toothpaste back into the tube!

Anyway....Lie-N-Hype 9/11 update......Moore's disease has definately infected Mr. Kerry and here is the proof - a list of symptoms. John Kerry and the Minuteman - and this guy went through Moore's website - what a brave soul! Seems Kerry is showing all the major symptoms - AWOL mouth, Halliburton eyes, Saudi skin, goat breath, and lying eyes! Bookmark this blog, it is a good read!

Of course Kerry has had Moore's disease since the late 60's with the kicker being his traitorous activities as a member of VVAW! Check out this rundown of his anti-American activities including meetings with the enemy!
Kerry is not a hero. He betrayed his comrades-in-arms in time of war. He is a chronic liar and a fraud. This is not about politics; it's about truthfulness, reliability, loyalty, and trust - all absolute tenets of command. John Forbes Kerry is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Poll rundowns are always best on Polipundit - and today there are state by state examples.

What to know what our friends are doing - well, as were working on pulling the kife out of our back read this on NATO. BTW, contrary to Kerry's claims France announced today that no matter who is President they will nto be providing troops for Iraq, kinda defeats Kerry's argument! (lost my link, sorry).

Read Yeowch! for an update on that girl and her sign that the compassionate democrats ripped up! Key is this:
A liberal just admitted that assaulting and screaming at three year old girls is acceptable behavior, if you're a Democrat. In fact, it should be expected.

Rathergate still plods on - wonder if they thought it would go away? Instapundit reports that:

SUMNER REDSTONE DUMPING STOCK? My first thought is that this has nothing to do with RatherGate -- but of course, my first thought on RatherGate was that CBS's case couldn't possibly be as flimsy as it looked.

On the other hand, betting on Sumner Redstone being an idiot looks to be longer odds than the same bet regarding Dan Rather.

More later, off to Sisters for dinner - Happy Birthday to her!

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