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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Result of The Apple cart Upset

For the past three years the establishments of diplomacy and world government have been in a tizzy because this President has upset the apple cart. Following 9/11 he looked at the world and demanded results. The old ways hadn't worked and were only endangering us with every day they were allowed to continue.

From that point the US was no longer going to accept stability for stability's sake. We were going to only accept freedom and with freedom came security.

American Future is a great resource for the world's reactions to this policy including this regarding the Arab world's reaction to Bush:
For a people mired in historical pessimism, the message of this outsider was a powerful antidote to the culture of tyranny. Hitherto, no one had bothered to tell the Palestinians that they can't have terror and statehood at the same time, that the patronage of the world is contingent on a renunciation of old ways. This was the condition Mr. Bush attached to his support for the Palestinians.

Those who were in the cart are now trying to catch up as they start to see results. But it hasn't been and won't be easy, after all many of them are losing their stable cash cows!

The path we are on is as life altering as the end of the cold war.

Correction - that is American Future I don't know why I put American Security, link was correct. I fixed it now - sorry.

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