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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Past the Peak - We Will Run Out - TDTMD

In the past few years I have become quite concerned that we are far past the peak and will soon be running out! After all there is only a limited supply and even less available that is actually desirable and worth using in daily life!

No, I am not talking about Hubbert's (or Hubbard's?) Peak, Peak Oil or what ever moonbat theory about the control of the world by Oil you may subscribe to. Lets face it, our economy runs on oil and when it becomes financially advantageous for someone to develop an alternative then someone will develop a reasonable alternative - not a day before and not a day after.

What concerns me is something that has been involved in human history far longer then oil and, based on recent samplings and observations appears to be nearly exhausted. Fresh samples aren't being produced and there is a limited known quantity of it's base components and no more of these components can be produced.

I am talking about music, yes folks music! I love music, am passionate about music - can't put in to words how much I love music - virtually all types of music (with the exception of Jazz and some Blues and hip hop- jazz is just too unstructured and blues is just too blue and I can't understand or sing hip hop.)

Lets face it, there is a limited number of notes and a limited number of combinations that are acceptable. Man has made music for our entire history using those same notes, eventually we will run out of combinations to make new music. I like to call this eventual dry spell TDTMD (the day the music died).

I believe we are experiencing TDTMD already and it is most evident in hip hop, (which is another reason I don't like hip hop) - after all if a top hit could be sung by Tevia as easily as Gwen Steffani there is a serious problem (see Rich Girl right out of Fiddler on the Roof!)

Now it is very possible that we haven't yet reached TDTMD, it may be that it is just easier to reuse the old music and takes less talent, energy, and effort to recycle the old standards. That is possible, but come on - old Police songs, Austin Powers themes (including evil lines from the movie), Martika's Toy Soldiers, Mockingbird with MM's own twist and backing da da da da da da da of 3 or 4 notes that is used to make it sound new - aren't these clear signs that, if we aren't at TDTMD yet, then we are clearly approaching it quickly!

Unfortunately there have been no studies to show definitively how much music is left or how quickly we are depleting our music resources - of course that hasn't stopped those "experts" who tell us we are running out of oil. Despite the fact that we have NO IDEA how much oil there is and we know how many musical notes there are!

We can't say for sure when we will approach TDTMD, if we aren't there, but I fear for our civilization when that day arrives. Of course I also fear what it means for our civilization if our top artists are just too damn lazy or untalented to make new music but that is a discussion for another day isn't it!

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