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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Stop The ACLU BlogBurst Part II

Blogger is acting up just like my health today and I wanted to get this spot online (sometimes you can edit but not add new when it does this) and I have more to add to the ACLU blogburst that I will post here.

More -


Health and blogger didn't allow me to get back to this so it will have to wait, sorry!

I did watch the President tonight though, I admire anyone who tells it like it is and that man sure does!

Now if we could only get the Senate to remember that he won the election!

My follow up to the ACLU BlogBurst will either be this weekend or at next weeks Stop the ACLU Blogburst! Till then be sure to stop in at Stop the ACLU for a very comprehensive rundown of what the ACLU is up to and how it affects your life today!

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John said...

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