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Monday, April 25, 2005

What Choice Did The Lawyers Leave Them

The left and even some uninformed on the right are up in arms about the 5 year old girl that was out of control at her school. It seems she was so unruly that the school called the police and when they couldn't calm her - including reminding her that they had warned her at a previous meeting - they handcuffed her and took her in to custody.

Obviously this is outrageous! It is outrageous that a child was that out of control and disruptive and it is outrageous that this officer handcuffed a five year old!

But let's keep in mind what brought us to this point:
  • A child that was out of control, attacked her teacher and clearly didn't have the support and discipline at home (the officer had met the child when she was with the mother but out of control I believe)
  • A school system so poisoned by the left and paralyzed by fear of lawsuits and the possibility that a little discipline may harm the child's self esteem that there is no discipline or control.
  • A society that will sue anytime for anything, imagine if the child were injured because of any action on the part of the school - or injured because of inaction (she was climbing on the furniture for God's sake).
So what is the school forced to do? Call the police of course!

Now, thanks to criminals that won't respond to police instruction and their wonderfully successful lawyers there is very little lee way in the handling of suspects! So what are the officers options?
  • Attempt to calm the suspect - check.
  • Stop and do nothing despite the fact that the child has been climbing on furniture, running around and hitting people - not a good option, she is a potential danger to herself and others.
  • Mace the child - um, ouch bad option, harmful and exposure to legal action - next
  • Shoot the child - oooow, even worse option - next.
  • Forcibly detain and handcuff the child before she injures herself (or anyone else) - done!
The school and the officer made the best choice considering the limitations our "modern, enlightened" society placed upon them.

A society that has forced itself, through the use of civil lawsuits, to remove any common sense or flexibility from our actions is a society that will handcuff each and every 5 year old or risk the rath of the left and their lawyers!

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John said...

Being the father of a five year old, I definitely see your point about discipline at home. He's just reaching the age where he wants to defy us. I would, however, be pretty pissed if he were to be handcuffed. However, I'm sure he'd think twice before acting that way again.