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Friday, April 29, 2005

Hey, I Said That

Hey, back just a short time ago I encouraged the Republicans in the Senate to force a true filibuster (you know the 24/7 kind) and if they succeed at holding together THEN they should use the constitutional option.

(Regaining the Offensive - 4/16/2005 Where I said:Republicans have to get back on offense and force a REAL fillibuster - you know, the Mr. Smith performance just like the Dem's are running in their ads! Should the Democrats actually be able to pull that off then use the constitutional option, but one way or another force this issue!)

Well, Dick Morris (who was so far off on so many things during the general election) makes a very good arguement for exactly what I suggested.

Read it here A better option on judges: Bring on a real filibuster.

Frist and the GOP need to let the Democrats demonstrate how noxious the filibuster really is before they try to explain to America why they are curtailing it. And the best way to do that is to let the Democrats deploy their weapon. Call their bluff. And let ’er rip!

I couldn't agree with the idea any more if I had said it myself, say two weeks ago.

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