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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Anti Anti -- Could it happen?

Victor Davis Hanson at the AEI.

An excellent analysis of the possible rise in Anti anti-Americanism.

I would argue with only one point -- the rise in anti-Americanism is not a new thing, as I pointed out just yesterday, Everything Old.........

While VDH doesn't note that the anti-Americanism started long before the cold war ended he understands our reactions to our "allies" better then most! It is our reaction that could force the change.
There is another wild card at play that explains the decrease in anti-Americanism. After September 11, the American people are in a much less apologetic mood--more likely to pull troops or cut off aid than to ask forgiveness for imaginary grievances. No one here laments that we left the Philippines or are departing Germany. We took out Saddam without Belgians and Frenchmen, without bases in Turkey, and despite, not because of, the U.N. or Arab league.

America runs high trade deficits with Asia and Europe. It lets 20 million illegal aliens cross our borders. It spends liberally on defense, patrolling sea-lanes and protecting commerce rather than setting up autocracies and stealing oil.

Americans are finally beginning to wonder whether all these ungrateful folks are worth the toil and treasure. In response, critics abroad are beginning to sense that their cheap rhetoric may have real consequences, that maybe the U.S. was a good deal for the world, after all.

George W. Bush did not cause this new round of anti-Americanism. But he may well have done more than anyone to end it.

Remember, when you control the purse strings -- are the purchaser -- you have more power then when you are the seller. The threat of 300 million or more unemployed Chinese is power.

Loan a man 100 and you own him, loan a man a million and he owns you!

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