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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stop the ACLU Blogburst - Felon Voting/Rights

Should felons be allowed to vote? Should the states be allowed to decide that? Before you answer that question go here and read the entire story.

Beyond the question of voting rights for felons (by the way the constitution grants the ability to restrict voting to the states for criminals, there is no right to vote) is the question of how we treat criminals in general.

When I was growing up I remember learning that when you choose to commit a felony you choose to give up many of your rights - in essence, choosing to live outside of society and it's laws you gave up some of the rights granted to you under those laws. Since that time, thanks to our legal system and the ACLU, our punishment system has become nothing more then a keep away system. Criminals can't be punished for their crimes any longer.

Luckily over the past 10 to 15 years, in large part due to voter frustration, some of the liberal soft on crime policies have been reversed, and the crime rates have gone down.

I read a posting on a blog yesterday, and I can't remember where it was -- looked all day today but can't find it, if I do I will update this post, or if you saw it let me know in the comments please - - where a group that supports criminal rights was complaining that a convicted mass murdered had too rough of a life while they were awaiting the end of their appeals prior to their execution. Of course no mention of the family or the trauma on a society. Based on their argument there is a solution, a faster execution, don't let this murderer languish at taxpayer's expense!

A greater solution would be a change in our criminal justice system. Eliminate, through legislation and if necessary via an amendment, the right for a convicted felon to sue the people (you and I) while they are incarcerated. As an integral part of this change establish a mediation system within the prison system that would expedite inmate grievances and render binding judgments for abuse of prisoners. Eliminate inmate rights that have been created via litigation and restore punishment to our criminal justice system.

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