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Friday, May 13, 2005

"Illegal" Must Not Translate!

As if any of us needed any proof that the boarder patrol's idiotic move to discredit the Minutemen Project (Boarder Patrol, "Don't" - We're Screwed!) Mexico grants this outrageous attempt to protect their income stream - Mexico furious at tough US law on migrants.
Mexico has reacted furiously to a bill signed into law by the US this week that would fund a border wall and prevent illegal Mexican migrants from obtaining US driving licenses.
Wait, our right to control our own boarder and what happens inside that boarder is our right! At least it was prior to our willingness to give up our sovereignty, something this President has attempted to reverse. This is the same issue behind Kyoto and the ICC.
President Vicente Fox said he would lodge a diplomatic complaint, and was considering complaints to multilateral bodies if Mexico could not unable to resolve the problem bilaterally.
First off this law is only a problem for Mexico! Second I say bring it on - your government is already suing to protect it's income stream (Mexico's Poverty Plan). An estimated $17 billion dollars were sent from workers in the US last year. In comparision for 2004 EIA estimates Mexican oil export revenues were $21 billion.

According to Lou Dobbs (thanks to Diggers Realm):

Those earnings have added up to nearly $17 billion in the past year. Remittances, as they're called, are expected to become Mexico's primary source of income this year, surpassing the amount of money that Mexico makes on oil exports for the first time ever.

They will do whatever it takes to protect this income!

In the US, leaders of the Mexican community threatened to strike to send a message to US employers that they could not survive without cheap Mexican labor.

Santiago Creel, Mexico's interior secretary, said the “Real ID” law was “negative, inconvenient, and obstructionist”.

“Building walls doesn't help anyone build a good neighbourhood,” he said. “Taking away the possibility of obtaining driving licenses for people who are working in legal jobs, who pay their taxes there, who send remittances home here, seems to us to be an extreme measure, particularly given the new understanding that we thought we had after the re-election of President Bush.”

This is the key right there! Seriously, is it a legal job when your an illegal worker? And as far as their threat to US employers - well if they all strike at least we would know who was illegal wouldn't we!

DOESN'T THE TERM ILLEGAL TRANSLATE TO SPANISH? Someone help me out on this one.

The Mexican governments attitude toward the US and our sovereignty could blow back in their faces in ways that could destabilize their government. That would not be good for us, but it would be even worse for them.

It should definately get the attention of a President who has made every effort to regain our sovereignty and restore our right to take the actions that are in our best interests. Fox may have just stepped over the line - at least I hope that is the case, but based on the administrations record of boarder security so far I wouldn't bet on it.

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