Right Of The Star

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What's In A Thank You - Updated

This issue was gracefully resolved, if anyone thinks I over reacted I am sorry.

I specifically didn't mention any names and won't because as I said, "Or maybe I am reading too much into it, after all mistakes happen." Which was indeed the case.

I waited about 7 hours to post this so it didn't appear to be posted in anger, which it wasn't. I wasn't angry - just confused because the person usually does give thanks and it seemed strange.

I have made my share of mistakes and if I ever post without a thanks please let me know and I will fix it.

So you send people to a blog, they have a pretty good daily traffic (way bigger then yours) so your helping their numbers and they get referenced quite a bit by some of the bigger blogs. It seems they give out regular thanks to some people.

You give them visits - and they bounce back via site meter to see who is sending them, say at 7:41am CDT.

They enter on a page, spend 3 minutes 51 seconds and leave via another page (posted a week or so ago).

At 5:50am PST they make a post based on story on the page they exited - using the source that was referenced in your post (and acknowledge that they missed the old story last week).

Do you say anything? Should I feel slighted? Maybe it's because of how I smell? (see below) Or because I am disabled?

Or maybe I am reading too much into it, after all mistakes happen.

Just wondering.

UPDATE - Thanks for the note Pulpit Pounder, but it wasn't you.