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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Mexico's Poverty Plan

Michelle Malkin's spin off The Immigration Blog has a great rundown of the follies that our relations with our own boarders have become.

Why can't we secure our boarders? Why is the Mexican Government suing everyone? Why would they be so pissed when someone proves that their cheating their own system?

You break the law, get caught and your government sues those who arrested you! That is what happened to Sgt. Patrick Haab, the guy who performed a citizens arrest on a group of illegals last month.
Mexico is reportedly working with a "human rights group" in Los Angeles on the matter. "Mexico may sue reservist in migrant detention" has a few more details:
The lawsuit could argue that reserve Sgt. Patrick Haab engaged in assault or illegal detention of the immigrants or caused them mental anguish, [Geronimo Gutierrez, the Mexican deputy foreign secretary for North America] said.

I can think of at least three usual suspects that Mexico might be working with, and I'll update this post if I find out which it is.

Go on TV and point out that the Mexican ID cards are for sale on every street in the US and you get investigated by the Mexican Government -- by the way, I am not even sure he violated a law here in the US, but I could be wrong.

In this regard, I would kindly ask you to surrender to this Consulate General the forged identification card which you have claimed you purchased in California in order to begin the corresponding investigation along with the federal authorities in New York and California. I am also advising you that our attorneys are currently exploring all legal avenues on this matter to determine responsibilities in the purchase and use of a forged Mexican government issued ID.

And Wizbang has this one

Last week, I told the tale of Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, and his novel approach to dealing with illegal aliens. He charged Jorge Ramirez, 21, of Mexico, with "criminal trespass" for being in New Ipswich (as part of the United States) illegally. Last week Ramirez pleaded guilty and agreed to report for deportation in exchange for the $1,000 fine being waived.

But that was before the Mexican government got involved. They hired a local attorney for Ramirez (who had appeared without counsel in his first appearance), who filed a withdrawal of his plea. The court accepted it, and he now faces trial in July.

This has the earmarks of becoming a case of David vs. Goliath, as the entire government of Mexico puts its weight behind one of its wayward citizens in his fight with a small town in New Hampshire. But I think I see a way to even things up a bit.

The key is that Mexico will go to any length to protect their number one cash cow -- emigrants in the US who send some $17 billion dollars home last year. This is Mexico's poverty program and they will protect it.

The thing none of us understands is why the Feds won't do anything about the boarder problem, it makes no sense and no one has bothered to tell us what is up. It shouldn't take Minutemen on every mile of the boarder but perhaps that is what we need to do.

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