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Friday, May 13, 2005

Entertainment Trek - Orbitz Is So Gay

Just watching Will and Grace, yea, I get my Gay'ly fix and they just had an Orbitz commercial - the game show theme one - "Take On Orbitz".

But unlike their old one this one went like this:

"He's a travel editor and he has a new boyfriend! Orbitz the fastest way to find a gay friendly hotel!" Hugging and jumping by the boyfriends!

Okay, just high fives, jumps, and hugs but still it was nice to see.

I am not an in the fact type gay - as most of you probably figured out, but seeing gay issues treated as a normal fact of life is nice!

Commercial Closet has a review of the ad (you can view it there also) and determines that it is neutral (versus positive or negative).

This is the third dedicated gay commercial from Orbitz, which also does gay print media advertising. The company was able to uniquely determine exactly how many gay customers they had because of a dedicated Gay Travel section, which it calls a microsite, found on the home page along with other specialized travel interests. The company says it was the first general travel site to feature a gay section.

“Orbitz continues to make diversity a priority via our extensive gay travel microsite as well as in our marketing efforts and community outreach,” Mitch Truwit, president and CEO at Orbitz in Chicago, told Commercial Closet.


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