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Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's Official, There Are Only Three

Yep it's official, there are only three programs on TV anymore:

1) Law and Order (or one of it's evil children)
2) CSI (or one of it's evil children)
3) Survivor (or one of it's evil children)

Does anyone else find that sad? As I said in Past The Peak, We Will Run Out:
We can't say for sure when we will approach TDTMD, if we aren't there, but I fear for our civilization when that day arrives. Of course I also fear what it means for our civilization if our top artists are just too damn lazy or untalented to make new music but that is a discussion for another day isn't it!

Lazy and untalented or just reproducing a successful formula, it is still sad.

PS - Someday soon there will be a Law And Order channel on Digital Cable if there isn't already!

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