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Monday, September 20, 2004

Morphing Before our Eyes

I am watching Kerry give his speech against the war in Iraq, and I swear he has morphed into Ted Kennedy right before our eyes!

The constant attacks on America's President does not help our troops, does not help our allies, and does not help the Democratic party.

He sounds like he did in 1971 when he lied to us about Vietnam. The sad thing is that the far left and sees nothing wrong with this. I believe the American people will see this for what it is - Kerry deciding that his only chance to win is to return to his core beliefs! He couldn't fool the American people into accepting him as a centrist, he couldn't sell the Vietnam lies, now he is showing his true self! As scary as it is it is a breath of fresh air - and I believe it will be his biggest flop to date.

What goes unanswered is what damage his droning on will do to America in the long run. I believe he thought our place in the world was were we were following his testimony in Vietnam - knocked down a few pegs and more apt to act multilaterally! Never more to become a force for good - that is left for the UN!

Remember this comes right after he sent his sister to attack our ally Australia on their own soil. They just don't get it folks.

The left's short sighted obsession with persuing Osama as if we were in a man hunt demonstrates that they just don't get it when it comes to war against an idealogy - because they don't have deeply held beliefs about right and wrong they cannot ever claim to have a superior one! They will wring their hands about terrorism and forget that terrorists cannot succeed without the support of rogue nations!

If he can sell this to America our failure to defeat Kerry will be a failure to defeat terrorism worldwide and will be a failure to put the ghosts of the Vietnam lies to rest for once and for all!

UPDATE - as if to make my point a FReeper made this post:

I'm watching John Kerry now on Fox News Live as he tells us that George Bush has failed to heed his advice and so, the War in Iraq has gone terribly wrong.

While Trashing the President, John Kerry's Tie is worth a thousand words.

Most ties sold in America are "Bar Dexter" which means the stipes run right to left. John Kerry is wearing an orange tie with stripes that run left to right. That particular type of tie is termed "Bar Sinister". Bar Sinister ties are sold in France.

Is there a message in this?

There isn't a bone in Kerry's body that believes America is the best hope for all that is good in this world! He is a man of the world and that is where he would take us - back to the UN that over 65% believe does us no good in the war on terror!

UPDATE: Jane thought there would be something NEW! Kerry Flip Flop Update

UPDATE: Go read Slings & Arrows for a breakdown of the problems with TTMK's (The Talented Mr. Kerry) plan - point by point!

UPDATE: Newsmax has this Sen.
John Kerry set some kind of record today in a speech to his fellow leftists at New York University. The Republican National Committee counted 14 flip-flops on Iraq.



Jane said...

I really thought there was going to be a new plan or at least anything beyond "We can't win without the French." Ug, he even quoted deGaulle.

Doug said...

Kerry's sister is most recently tilling fertile soil in Canada. Given the popularity of their latest thumb in our eye, I'm sure he has a fan following there.